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Libraries Without Borders

Their identity

Bibliothèques Sans Frontières (Libraries Without Borders) is an NGO that empowers vulnerable populations by facilitating their access to education, culture and information.

In more than 50 countries, we create innovative cultural and educational spaces that enable people affected by crisis and insecurity to learn, to be entertained, to connect and to build their future.


Their objectives

Health crisis, democratic crisis, loss of confidence in traditional channels of access to information and knowledge, increase of forced migrations in the context of global warming: our world is facing major challenges and everywhere, the issues related to education and knowledge transmission are becoming absolute priorities to build more resilient societies. In this context, BSF’s action appears more essential and urgent than ever.

Through tools such as the Ideas Box, a mobile, connected and energy autonomous media library created by Philippe Starck for BSF in 2014, BSF acts to give everyone access to culture, education and information.
About BSF (Librairies Without Borders) :
  • 2007 : creation date
  • 6 million people reached by our actions
  • 30 countries of intervention