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Solidarités International

Their identity

Since 1980, Solidarités International has been responding to emergency situations by instantly sending its teams, with humanitarian equipment, to the places hit by a crisis. Their mission is to bring rapid, dignified and vital aid to the victims, and thus cover their basic needs.

Their objectives

Solidarités International has developed an emergency stockpile to send to the field during humanitarian emergencies.

This stockpile is designed to meet the vital needs of 18,000 people and is located at the NGO’s headquarters in Clichy and in Dubai. It allows them to intervene anywhere in the world in less than 48 hours!

It is mainly composed of :

  • Hygiene kit (jerry cans, soaps, detergents);
  • Shelter kits (tarps, ropes);
  • Water purification products (chlorine tablets).
  • Water treatment equipment (water tanks, chlorine, pumps, pipes, repair equipment);
  • Emergency toilets;
  • Logistical equipment: tents for emergency accommodation of teams, for storage space, computer equipment, electrical autonomy, communication equipment (satellite, radio).