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Wings of the Ocean

Wings of the Ocean

Their identity

Wings of the Ocean is a non-profit charity, created in 2018, which aims to clean up the oceans and raise awareness about the consequences of plastic waste at sea. To achieve these missions, the members of the charity work on the Kraken, a 3-masted ship. The association also provides a laboratory on board to host scientific researchers and oceanographers.

Their objectives

The action of Wings of the Ocean is concentrated on two major axes: 

1) The depollution of coasts

To fight against the pollution of the oceans by plastic, Wings of the Ocean is committed to cleaning up coasts, littorals and sea bed. They use several methods: manual collection from the beaches, underwater collection by diving and the use of a trawl (Thomsea) towed on the surface of the water.

2) Public awareness

In a process of protection and preservation of the environment, it is essential to alert and educate the public on the consequences of plastic pollution. To do so, conferences and workshops are offered in the different ports of call. The charity deals with various themes such as the impact of men on the ocean, new techniques to consume responsibly or how to recycle everyday objects.