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Turing Trust

Their identity

The Turing Trust seeks to continue his legacy by using technology to empower disadvantaged communities. Alan is widely regarded as the father of modern computing and he saw IT as a tool for solving immense challenges. He also had a passion for helping others: he funded one member of his foster family to work in Africa and sponsored a Jewish refugee’s schooling during World War II.

Their objectives

To empower disadvantaged  communities using information  technologyenabled  learning


-Improved education in 142 community-based schools throughout rural areas in Ghana, Kenya, Liberia and Malawi 

-Sent over 4,250 computers to schools in sub Saharan Africa 

-Supported over 41,000 students 

-Delivered over 17 million hours of ICT learning 

-Provided volunteering and training opportunities for over 300 people

-Diverted and reused 69 tonnes of ICT equipment  

Created carbon savings of over 2,600 tonnes