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Boost your corporate social responsibility efforts with ease and give back to good causes by harnessing the power of responsible advertising

The Olivia’s & Rainforest Trust campaign raised funds to protect and save wildlife and rainforests.

Orange campaign in partnership with Wing of the Ocean which fights against plastic pollution in the oceans.

The FedEx and Solidarités International campaign aimed at helping population hit by Covid 19.

The La Vie Claire & We Forest campaign raised awarness on environmental issues and biodiversity preservation. 


Fedex and Solidarités International

Date: February 5, 2021

Orange and Wings Of The Ocean

Date: February 5, 2021

An Ad4good ad is not just a way to maximize the visibility of your ads but a real social commitment between your brand, your consumers and the associations working for a better world.

A positive impact on your ads

"Ethical advertising" is great, but does it maximize my ROI?

Average visibility rate
Our formats generate more interaction and better recall while supporting relevant social causes.
A KPI of attention
Stronger commitment

Average In-View Time (according to MOAT/ Meetrics) multiplied by 2

90% of people who watch 15″ to unlock their donations continue to watch the ad until the end. 

Brand Improvement

90% of consumers say they appreciate companies that have a quality CSR policy. 

Fair price

You don’t pay more than the standard price for an online campaign


Accurately measured through final completion and CTRs 

Maximum visibility

We never force an Internet user to watch an ad : he voluntarily watches it in order to unblock a donation.

A campaign that respects market requirements

Our responsible advertising platform and custom made charitable IAB formats allow you to gain all the traditional benefits from optimised online advertising campaigns (targeting, reach, data, etc..) whilst offering viewers the chance to donate to charities you care about – at no cost to you.

Precise Targeting

Brand Safety and certified measurement

A powerful and contextual audience

We have all the targeting capabilities to deliver your campaigns optimally.

We are connected to the main third parties measurement tools to guarantee the data accuracy.

We have signed agreements with the main publishers to  ensure a quality delivery.

We work together

How to work with Ad4Good

Guaranteed results

Ad4Good guarantees results, such as incremental visits or views, in order to connect with your audiences.

Advertiser Brief

Based on our experience, we submit to you the best combination between charity projects and the framework to be used to obtain the best return on investment.

Targeting and Audience

Thanks to our technology, we deliver the most performing ad to your target audience on a massive scale thanks to our publishers network. 

Advertising creation

In partnership with your creative studio, we create memorable and engaging advertising experiences.

How to activate us?

Managed Service at the CPH or Private Marketplace at the CPMh. Buy Ad4Good the way you want it.


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