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Ad4Good finances dozens of associations by donating a few cents every time you see an ad on one of the partner sites of our responsible advertising network.


 Ad4good was born out of the premise that the global advertising market is a $500 billion+ market and that advertising is necessary to make the Internet free. From there, we have developed a model that not only reconciles Internet users with digital advertising, which can be too intrusive for you, but also allows you to increase your attention span by offering you the possibility to support solidarity projects without spending a penny. 

For Internet users

We are present on the biggest websites because we have a large network of partner publishers. It depends on the objective of the advertiser's campaign.

The donation costs nothing for the Internet user because it is Ad4good that finances the donation by charging the advertiser the right price, and thanks to the economies of scale achieved with its partners.


Each year we publish an activity report on our website which specifies the sums donated to partner charities. You can also find donation certificates from the charities in question.

We try as much as possible to be coherent and therefore to harmonize our words and our actions. This is why we are a company committed to various points which has earned us the 6th position in a ranking conducted by Zei ( among 66 other companies in the same sector.

We first contact the agencies that offer us to work with different brands and then we work with those who have the most coherent message.

If the Internet user, by virtue of his advertising profile, is exposed to several advertisements labeled Ad4good, he can unlock a micro-donation each time the advertisement is viewed.

For charities

We want to be totally transparent with you on this topic: 50% of the campaign’s total amount is dedicated to buying the online advertising space (this percentage can vary during the year depending on the period), 25% goes to Ad4Good for management costs and 25% is given to our partner charity. Each time, 50% of the profits of the campaign is given to the charity. The total amount donated to the charity depends thus on the amount of the advertising campaign.

As mentioned above, the donations depend directly on the amount of the advertising campaign. As soon as the Internet user views more than half of an ad, each second is billed to the advertiser and is transformed into a micro-donation for the charity. However, keep in mind that it is Ad4Good that finances the donation and not the user who pays.

As mentioned before, this choice depends as much on the charities as it does on the advertisers. It is about finding a collaboration that suits everyone and that could be perpetuated. Moreover, the campaign must make sense: we connect advertisers with charities that share similar values.

Of course you can! We are not jealous from this point of view: our long-term objective is that this model of solidarity advertising develops, and the more companies are on the market, the better. Choosing to work with us means multiplying your opportunities for donations and increasing your visibility even more!

Establishing a partnership with us will allow you to obtain more visibility, a new source of donations and to have a younger donor audience. Signing an agreement with us will allow us to suggest you to advertisers.

We only ask you to sign an agreement, which can be modified as you wish, and to provide us with some information to fill in your profile on our site. That's it!

Here are some examples of pairings between advertisers and charities during some of our campaigns: Showroomprive and Odysséa, La Vie Claire and WeForest, Fedex and Solidarités International, or Cdiscount and Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale!


For Advertisers

A campaign with Ad4good does not cost you a dime more than a traditional advertising campaign. You pay a standard CPM which nevertheless allows us to fund charitable projects. We fund donations through the economies of scale we achieve with our publisher network, technology, and operating costs that are kept to a minimum.

For the same price as a traditional campaign, we guarantee advertising effectiveness without damaging your brand image that would be caused by advertising overexposure. On the contrary, your brand image will be enhanced with better performance in terms of memorization and notoriety. See our case studies on the site on this subject.

The final decision is not that of Ad4good but arises from a mutual agreement between the advertiser and the association. So naturally, you have your say, as do the associations. By the way, if you are already funding an association and want to support it more thanks to Ad4good, let us know and we will take care of the rest! If it's a multi-country campaign, we can also change associations depending on the country.

No, you have the choice to broadcast your campaign on our network of solidarity publishers. Only the advertising placement on the site indicates that it is responsible advertising. In this case, the donation falls into a common pot which will be donated fairly to each partner association at the end of the semester.

We donate 50% of the profit generated by the advertising campaign, or 50% of the profit made from the sale of advertising space from our partner publishers.

Any type of OTC format, mainly classic IAB display formats and programmatic video (mobile or desktop).

We can be activated programmatically or by mutual agreement via the agency or directly with the advertiser. Activation is simple, with no minimum investment amount and with an all-in-one CPM price (media, creative, techno, payment to associations).

Our network of publishers is mainly in France and other European countries (UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands), but we also have an office in South America (Colombia) which covers America (Canada included).

We are able to offer a mix of internet and a classic TV or connected TV plan.

For Publishers

Experts in digital advertising, from the world of Ad Tech technology. We came together to create a solidarity advertising model, committed to publishers and associations.

Having a quality site, wanting to show solidarity and you are eligible. No volume or audience constraint.

Today, having a CMP (Consent Management Platform) is a legal obligation on the internet. We are of course compatible with all platforms on the market. We nevertheless advise you to use a European or even French one free of charge, such as:

We are developing a set of features for our publishers to help improve positive consent adoption. This message is visible as soon as the user has refused consent. A banner appears at the bottom of your site to inform your audience that your site is supportive.

We work with the biggest agencies and brands on the market. All our advertisers are validated by us and our technological partners.

We have created solidarity formats compatible with IAB standards and ad4good colors. These formats can either be displayed directly on your site or programmed into your ad server.

We will give you ad4good tags specially created to be placed on your site.

We will give you ad4good tags specially created to be in PassBack of your ad server.

Sometimes we are unable to sell all of the inventory, if you wish in this case you give us your tags and we will call your ad server directly.

We provide you with an interface where the turnover appears on D-1 and your impressions sold by us.

Our commission is 30% of the income generated. We will give you 70% back. Part of the 30% that Ad4good receives is donated to partner associations. (see association list: Our partners - Ad4Good)

Each month our transfers are made 60 days from the end of the month from the invoice date. The minimum billing is 100 Euros excluding VAT per month.

This is a non-binding contract, we are looking for partners who wish to make a long-term commitment but who are free at any time to stop the contract.

To get to know you better and make you known to our customers, we need information about your site. Please provide us with:

- Text about your site in 2 or 3 lines

- Your sector of activity

- Your URL (s) to present your work to our partners

 -Your monthly pageviews volume

- Your monthly volume of pages viewed with advertising

- Unique visitors / month

- Language (s) of your site

- GDPR compliance, do you have a CMP present?

- Supplier of your CMP

A -lefichierads.txt

Please add the lines below in an ads.txt file at the root of your site



#> Xandr, 12070, DIRECT, f5ab79cb980f11d1

B - Your advertising tags

Our various tags must be placed directly on all the pages of your sites or in your tag manager, or even programmed in an ad server.