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How it works

With your time, you help us to make the most of the advertising space that we charge the advertiser for at the right price for the attention that you give him/her.
What we do

Value creation for all


ensure a positive brand image with their consumers and employees and make a commitment to society by paying the right price for quality advertising space.


Enhance the value of certain advertising spaces and deliver content that respects both their readers and the planet.

The Planet

can finally count on the effort of the advertising industry. An industry that spends several hundred billion euros a year.

The associations

diversify and increase their income and reputation in a sustainable way.

Internet users

finally have the internet experience they want thanks to respectful and useful ads that value their attention time.


50% Paid to an association to finance a project

35% For Ad4good management fees

15% For advertising delivery technology costs

Our commitment,
total transparency

Each time an advertisement is seen for more than 15 seconds, we commit to donate 50% of the profits generated by the advertisement to associations. These profits vary between 15% and 50% of the total advertising budget.

We commit ourselves to publish regularly our activity reports in order to be 100% transparent on the distribution of revenues and on the use of donations by the associations.

Our priority : the SDO

The ONU has defined 17 sustainable development goals to be achieved by 2030 to save the world. Ad 4 good helps Internet users to commit to these goals through free micro-donations.


Every time you see an Ad4Good ad we offer you a selection of ODD-related association projects.


You select the project that is closest to your heart.


We will donate 50% of the margin generated by the advertising to this project.

Our objectives

1 million euro for the planet

By the end of 2021, we aim to donate more than 1 million euros per year to associations.


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Planting trees
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Sustainable Development Objectives

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